Product Favorites: Summer 2019

Hope everyone is having an amazing summer. Mine has been so great! I have gotten to spend a little more time with family and friends than I normally do. There are lots of fun events going on in Dallas right now. 

I wanted to write a post about some of my favorite things as of recent. I could go on about my favorite things but I just wanted to feature things I have been using recently.

Gua Sha
I bought this in a bundle set with a jade roller, this is one of the coolest tools I have ever used. For me, one of the best things about it, is that it is a literal piece of jade. It literally takes no upkeep except for cleaning or wiping down before use. See the video linked below for further explanation! It puts me to sleep when I use it so I do it at night or when I have the time to just chill out. My skin looks phenomenal when I use this. I like to use it at night because in the morning when I wake up I looks so refreshed and less puffy. The allergies this season tend to make my face puffy and …

Silky Smooth: Silk18 Shampoo

Since I started in the fitness industry my hair has suffered greatly. Not just my hair but my scalp, too. My regular products just weren't cutting it anymore. I shower and wash my hair so much more to protect it from the sweating and all at the same time I can dry out my skin and hair if I'm not too careful. I was on the lookout for new products when Maple Holistics reached out to me to inform me about their new Silk18 Shampoo

With clean beauty all the rage I hesitated on buying new products because I wasn't sure about what went into them. The average consumer is so much more aware of ingredients now that we are doing ur research. With Maple Holistics, I don't have to worry about that at all. The ingredients lists don't have things you can't pronounce which can definitely be scary. So many plus' about this brand I could go on and on. They are also cruelty free, have recycled packaging and naturally formulate their products, etc.

Seriously, that's it. …

Finding Myself: Life Changes & Growth

I know a lot of people have probably wondered what the face of this blog looked like. I have my social media accounts linked on my site but that doesn't always mean people click on those links. Recently, I have been doing a lot of different things. Some things, I never though I would be doing. 
My full time job is working at the family demolition company my parents own. I have been doing that since I graduated college in 2015. It has been a while since I've been out of college and I feel like I'm beginning to find myself. 

Shouldn't college be for that? Most might say so, but it was completely the opposite for me. I was too focused on getting a good degree and a decent grade. Didn't really matter what I liked, people just pushed for me to get a piece of paper that would make me more money in the long run. So they said.

I have always been active in my life but not always in a healthy way. I was obsessive with working out and severely restricted calories. Long story…

Hannah Hampton Athletic Wear: Joggers

Hello everyone! I have been working on a lot of different things lately. One of them being my interest in clothes. I have ordered different samples from factories, deciding on which pieces I'd like to sell. 
This is the first clothing piece I have decided to sell. Quality is great, fit is great as well. Runs a size small so I'd order up.
Colors Available:  Gray (pictured) Black
Comes in sizes: S M L XL
GOOD NEWS: I will ship anywhere in the USA for $3.50 (will email you with tracking no)
I have created an Instagram account for things I'll be selling called Hannah Hampton Co.

These are a few photos my cousin took for me. I'm not use to modeling or anything but I think they turned out great! Comment on this photo or go to the instagram account if you are interested in ordering.

Almond Oil Vanilla Lip Scrub

It is that lovely time of year just around holiday season. What also comes around during this time is the weather change, which can dry out our skin. The good news is, there are things we can do to prevent and combat that! I want to share with you a product I was sent by Maple Holistics.

I have been using this wonderful Almond Oil which is like the name, 100% almond oil. I had never used almond oil solely on its own before but I fell in love. It is a really light, fast drying oil that is great at rehydrating skin without making it greasy or feeling like it is left on top of your skin.

I came up with a basic lip scrub recipe and the oil that I used is the almond oil from Maple Holistics.


1/4 C Sugar1 teaspoon honey1 teaspoon Maple Holistics Almond Oil1 drop vanillaDirections:  Mix all ingredients in a small bowl. Store in an airtight container or glass jar. 

What I love about this brand is the real 100% natural products. There are a variety of products they sell on their sit…

2017 Winter Weddings: Metallics

Fall/ Winter Weddings: Metallics by hannahgomez featuring a silk flower arrangement

Happy fall everyone! I haven't done a wedding post in a while, thought about doing a series during the summer but didn't feel as inspired to do weddings. Even though summer is one of the busiest times for weddings, all is a great time for weddings as well. Warmer colors, falling leaves and hot chocolate are some cozy and comforting things about this time of year.

For the fall time in general I have been seeing lots of metallics, a lot of the orangey copper, bronze and rose colored metallics.  I thought of this new pair of Prada pumps I got last month when I started working on this post. They are the perfect inspiration for the fall and winter wedding accents this year.

I cannot find these online anywhere. If someone finds them send me the link! They are just the regular pointy toe patent pump in this gorgeous subtle metallic.

This photo of some floral arrangements explains exactly the color scheme …

Warby Parker's Fifties Inspired Collection

It's officially summer which means it is time to get some new sunglasses. If you are in the market for some new glasses or sunnies, keep reading! 
In this fifties inspired, mixed materials collection there are three styles for both men and women. Each of the three frames in the collection has two color options and come in both sunglass and eyeglass versions. The three style names are Hayes, Addie, and Eliot. 
My favorite sunglasses from the collection are the style Addie in the color Violet Magnolia. 

Gold is my favorite color hardware which is probably why these stuck out to me when I looked over the collection. The pop of purple really gives it a modern take without being loud or showy. 
 Addie Sunglasses - Starting at $145
The Eliot style in Honey Tortoise shown below are my favorite eyeglasses from the collection. 

Eliot Glasses - Starting at $145
This Honey Tortoise color with the gold hardware frame the face so delicately. 
Warby Parker has a Home Try-On option that lets you …