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Silky Smooth: Silk18 Shampoo

Since I started in the fitness industry my hair has suffered greatly. Not just my hair but my scalp, too. My regular products just weren't cutting it anymore. I shower and wash my hair so much more to protect it from the sweating and all at the same time I can dry out my skin and hair if I'm not too careful. I was on the lookout for new products when Maple Holistics reached out to me to inform me about their new Silk18 Shampoo

With clean beauty all the rage I hesitated on buying new products because I wasn't sure about what went into them. The average consumer is so much more aware of ingredients now that we are doing ur research. With Maple Holistics, I don't have to worry about that at all. The ingredients lists don't have things you can't pronounce which can definitely be scary. So many plus' about this brand I could go on and on. They are also cruelty free, have recycled packaging and naturally formulate their products, etc.

Seriously, that's it. …