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Bridal Shower Dress Ideas for Guests 2015

When I think of bridal showers I think floral dresses, brunch and gossip. I love wedding season and seeing everyone's pictures on Facebook. I am 21 now, I'll be 22 this year and a lot of my friends are getting married now. Every day I think to myself how crazy it is that I'm at this point in my life.

Anyway, back to dress ideas! I really love all things floral as you can see from the dress choices I have here. One of the most important things I would give you advice about is to dress for the weather, and know if you're going to be inside or outside. If you're outside in the grass for example, you probably don't want to wear heels. If you're desperate for some height though then you could pull off some wedges if you really wanted to. I would definitely say dress comfortable though! It tends to be quite warm during wedding season down here in the South so I would take that into account as well. I know I only have dresses pictured here but you do not have to …

Wedding Bouquets and Flower Ideas 2015

Hello lovely readers! I don't post a lot because I've gotten very busy in my college career and just with life in general. I remember when blogging was a huge part of my life and I loved it!

Some of my earliest and most popular posts were about weddings and what to wear to weddings and bridal showers. I still get lots of views on those posts even today so I thought I'd do some more updated versions of those, plus more! A lot of the reason I decided to do a wedding related post is not only because you like those kinds of posts but I love them as well. 
Recently, in these past few months I've been pinning wedding stuff like crazy! I just love it! When I was younger and my my aunt was doing wedding planning weddings I would help her out and I remember my most favorite part was doing flower arrangements and bouquets. They take a lot of time and work but I am in love with flowers in general, they make me happy! Lol. Therefore, today my post is about wedding bouquets and flo…

Hair Colors 2015- New Year New Hair

I hope you are all doing well, and I hope your year is going great so far! Did anyone make resolutions? I sort of did but I feel like overall my resolutions equated to smiling more, and stressing less.

Anyway, on to today's post…As you all know, I change my hair quite often. Surprisingly, I haven't changed it in a while and I was actually happy with my hair color, I just felt like it was time to get something with less maintenance and also something that looked more natural. 
Previously my hair was pale blonde with some hints of honey blonde. It was gorgeous, but just too much to take care of for a college student that is somewhat lazy and goes to class in work out attire most of the time. I don't like fixing my hair when I have to trek around campus to classes in the windiest state in America. The weather made my already dry, chemically treated blonde hair frizzy and even more dry like no other.
Hannah Davis was my hair inspiration. I showed some pictures of her to my hai…