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Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

My last significant other told me that Valentine's celebrations didn't exist. While I understand that it is a Hallmark holiday, Valentine's gives me another excuse to dress up. I like to dress up, look cute and do something fun. No, you don't have to take me to an expensive dinner. I'd be happy going on a coffee date or a picnic for all I care. Anyway, this V-day I get to do what I want and not feel bad about it. For all the single ladies out there like me, you might be going to brunch with the girls, which in my opinion is the best idea ever! I love brunch as well as hanging out with my girlfriends. Here are a few outfit ideas for different kinds of Valentine's outings or activities. All are clickable. Just click on the outfit idea board and it will take you to Polyvore where it shows you links to places where you can buy all of the pieces. (1) Brunch With The Girls

Cute and casual, doesn't look like you put too much thought into it [ even though you mi…

Weekend Getaway

Weekend Getaway by hannahgomez featuring long sleeve tops

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BRA-BLEMS: Bra Problems, We All Have Them + Top ThirdLove Bra Picks

As women, we all know how frustrating it can be to find a great fittingbra. I'm always looking for new tips and tricks on picking out the best bras and how to wear them. Unsurprisingly many women run into some common bra problems, which I'd like to call bra-blems. I was introduced to bras by ThirdLove with some solutions to common bra-blems we all face as women. I think they have created a great diagram that will be useful for my ladies out there! On their website they have a fit guide that helps you find a great bra to fit you based on your breast size. I think that the fit guide plus the diagram will get you on the road to success. So if you are having trouble in the bra department be sure to take a look at the diagram and check out ThirdLove's website for more information!  (Link here:
There are some tips I'd like to include: 
Sometimes we'd like to think we know it all but there is a huge chance that…