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Spring Break Swimsuit Picks 2016

Spring break 2016 is here!! I know that looking for the perfect swimsuit for spring break takes some good searching. I thought I'd save you a little (a lot) of time and do some of that searching for you. :) If anything, I hope this at least brings you some inspiration when looking for a swimsuit.
(1) Floral Girls
I stumbled on this bikini on instagram. I saw a girl wearing it and instantly fell in love. If flowers are your thing then this is for you! And the ruched bottoms will accentuate your assets. I'll probably end up buying the bottoms and wear a plain white top with it. The ruffles are a lot going on for me because I'm a 32-34DD but for a smaller bust the ruffles on the top would be great!

Buy here:

(2) Sporty- chic
You don't necessarily have to call this sporty, it's just what I thought when I found these suits. They are in the 2016 Vitamin A Catamaran Stripe pattern. I am a person who love…