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Kerry Washington Inspired Outfit


Game Day Outfits 2015

Game Day Outfits 2015 by hannahgomez featuring Totally Bamboo

Football season is here and so is fall! I know it's still pretty warm outside in some states but Autumn is just around the corner. The nights are getting cooler which means its about time to do an outfit post dedicated to early fall.
It is officially my last football season as a college student and I am quite sad; it has gone by way too fast, I'm just now having fun! My school colors probably aren't the same as all of yours and a lot of you may not even be in college but I think this is a good first autumn outfit idea post for everyone. I mean, who doesn't love red? 

I'm kind of a simple person who likes to look put together and avoid accessory overload. Lots of people like lots of rings and bracelets but I like to spend my money on more expensive, good quality things to fill my wardrobe with. This way, things last a lot longer and don't go out of style as fast.

For the first football game we had a c…