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Chanel lipstick no. 99 Pirate

I am aware I haven't posted since October…oops. I didn't forget about you, I promise. Here it is, my first post of November. I am back and ready to get some good posts out for you all! If you have suggestions for posts that would help me out a lot! I'd love to hear what you have to say:)
Recently, I went to a Chanel counter not looking for anything specific just felt like splurging on some high end makeup. Since I really didn't know what I wanted one of the ladies at the counter insisted she give me a mini makeover. It was a little more than a mini makeover though, I sat in her chair for an hour and a half while she played with makeup and showed me some of their skincare products.
We ended up doing a dramatic look with a smoky eye and a red lip. It was actually the first time I've ever gotten my makeup done. I was pleasantly surprised when I finally saw my complete look. I've not put near that much makeup on in a long time to be honest. My makeup looked amazin…