Chanel lipstick no. 99 Pirate

I am aware I haven't posted since October…oops. I didn't forget about you, I promise. Here it is, my first post of November. I am back and ready to get some good posts out for you all!
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Recently, I went to a Chanel counter not looking for anything specific just felt like splurging on some high end makeup. Since I really didn't know what I wanted one of the ladies at the counter insisted she give me a mini makeover. It was a little more than a mini makeover though, I sat in her chair for an hour and a half while she played with makeup and showed me some of their skincare products.

We ended up doing a dramatic look with a smoky eye and a red lip. It was actually the first time I've ever gotten my makeup done. I was pleasantly surprised when I finally saw my complete look. I've not put near that much makeup on in a long time to be honest. My makeup looked amazing and stayed perfectly in place until I washed it off later that night. 

After I got my makeup done I just wanted to buy everything. I ended up choosing the Rouge Allure, Pirate lipstick. Let's start with the packaging of this lipstick… it's gorgeous and extremely elegant with the click opening. I own a few red lipsticks (too many) and so far this one is my favorite! It's the perfect red I've been searching for, for months! It is sort of a pinkish, deep red, gorgeous for any time of year.

I'll probably end up going back later to buy some of the other things she used on me. Chanel products have yet to disappoint. In my opinion they are definitely worth the money. Here are some photos of the lipstick and also a swatch photo. If you have any questions or suggestions you know where to leave them:) What is your favorite red lipstick?

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  1. Ahh this looks gorgeous! I've never dared even walk over to the Chanel counter - I've never spent that much on make up before! The packaging and the colour looks sooo nice though! :) Perfect for Christmas!


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