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Beach Day Musts: 2016

It's that time again, beachy hair and salty air! I was inspired to share with you my beach day must haves by Adore Me with their #BeachDayMusts conversation. I could make this list pretty long because I have a lot of favorites but I'm going to share my top 5 musts and then a few things that are enjoyable to have.

When I think of a beach day I'm thinking a lot about my skin and what it takes to keep my skin healthy, happy and glowing. 
1: Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse

This is something that I fell in love with in 2014. I came across it on my study abroad trip while in a French pharmacy. It keeps my skin soft and smooth without being oily, and it dries fast! There are two different kinds as pictured, one with and another without glitter. Before you hate on the sparkle one, I love it! It's worth a try. 
2: Swim Cover-up
Swim cover-ups are really important. They keep your shoulders and arms from burning when you're not in the water. I like to wear linen or cotton dresses so I don&…