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Almond Oil Vanilla Lip Scrub

It is that lovely time of year just around holiday season. What also comes around during this time is the weather change, which can dry out our skin. The good news is, there are things we can do to prevent and combat that! I want to share with you a product I was sent by Maple Holistics.

I have been using this wonderful Almond Oil which is like the name, 100% almond oil. I had never used almond oil solely on its own before but I fell in love. It is a really light, fast drying oil that is great at rehydrating skin without making it greasy or feeling like it is left on top of your skin.

I came up with a basic lip scrub recipe and the oil that I used is the almond oil from Maple Holistics.


1/4 C Sugar1 teaspoon honey1 teaspoon Maple Holistics Almond Oil1 drop vanillaDirections:  Mix all ingredients in a small bowl. Store in an airtight container or glass jar. 

What I love about this brand is the real 100% natural products. There are a variety of products they sell on their sit…

2017 Winter Weddings: Metallics

Fall/ Winter Weddings: Metallics by hannahgomez featuring a silk flower arrangement

Happy fall everyone! I haven't done a wedding post in a while, thought about doing a series during the summer but didn't feel as inspired to do weddings. Even though summer is one of the busiest times for weddings, all is a great time for weddings as well. Warmer colors, falling leaves and hot chocolate are some cozy and comforting things about this time of year.

For the fall time in general I have been seeing lots of metallics, a lot of the orangey copper, bronze and rose colored metallics.  I thought of this new pair of Prada pumps I got last month when I started working on this post. They are the perfect inspiration for the fall and winter wedding accents this year.

I cannot find these online anywhere. If someone finds them send me the link! They are just the regular pointy toe patent pump in this gorgeous subtle metallic.

This photo of some floral arrangements explains exactly the color scheme …

Warby Parker's Fifties Inspired Collection

It's officially summer which means it is time to get some new sunglasses. If you are in the market for some new glasses or sunnies, keep reading! 
In this fifties inspired, mixed materials collection there are three styles for both men and women. Each of the three frames in the collection has two color options and come in both sunglass and eyeglass versions. The three style names are Hayes, Addie, and Eliot. 
My favorite sunglasses from the collection are the style Addie in the color Violet Magnolia. 

Gold is my favorite color hardware which is probably why these stuck out to me when I looked over the collection. The pop of purple really gives it a modern take without being loud or showy. 
 Addie Sunglasses - Starting at $145
The Eliot style in Honey Tortoise shown below are my favorite eyeglasses from the collection. 

Eliot Glasses - Starting at $145
This Honey Tortoise color with the gold hardware frame the face so delicately. 
Warby Parker has a Home Try-On option that lets you …

Makeup Haul: Yves Saint Laurent & Tarte

Makeup has always been fun to me and a great way to express myself when I have the time to create makeup looks. On a regular day I stay pretty consistent and don't change things up too much except for my lip colors. 
I have a variety of lip colors I like. Lips can change your whole look up without a lot of time and effort. I always keep a selection of lip products in my purse in the chance I need to change my look up a bit during the day when time is not on my side. 
Before my sisters wedding I thought I might add some new colors and makeup to my collection for the 2017 spring and summer season. I've been into YSL makeup and beauty products lately. This time I also got a shadow palette from Tarte. 

From Yves Saint Laurent I got a blush an two lip colors. I got the blush in the shade 6 Passionnee. It is a very natural pink with an orangey-nude color in the center. On the skin I would say the color seems most like a coral pink.

This is a bright pink matte lipstick called Decade…

Statement Pieces for Spring 2017

I am usually afraid to wear a lot of color in my outfits but I have been trying to add more colorful things into my collection. A great way to do that is to find statement pieces. I like choosing statement pieces because you have the freedom to change up every other element of the look.

Statement Pieces 2017 by hannahgomez featuring a leather wrap bracelet
The neutral colored wide leg pants aren't colorful by any means but they will take an outfit to the next level. If I were to pick my favorites from the board it would have to be the pink moto jacket and the orange floral bucket bag.

A simple and easy way to make an outfit more fun is with accessories. A scarf for example can really amp up a casual look. Also, white pumps are a must have right now. I don't have any because I haven't found my perfect pair yet but when I do, I will get some!

I know I didn't touch on all of the pieces but if you have any questions or wonder how to put an outfit together with one of these…

Luxury Looks for Less: Hermes Birkin, Chanel Double Flap, etc.

I did a post a very long time ago called Hot Handbags Under $200 My style was more trendy then I feel like, based on my posts in the past. I've now evolved into wearing and choosing more classic pieces since I'm older.

I'd like to do another post on handbags since my style has changed quite a lot. This time I am going to show you a luxury bag and then a handbag(s) that is very similar but much less expensive. I want to show both sides of the spectrum because if I do a mid-level pricing overall and don't show the luxury item inspiring the look my ideas might get lost in translation. The people who like name brands may not be attracted to the content as much and the others who like the less expensive bags may not want to spend that mid-level price either.

This way when you look at the luxury handbag you can compare it to the less expensive bag and sort of decide from there which one you'd like best. For me I like to spend more money on pieces that I know I'll wea…

Vegas 2017: CONEXPO, Drai's, Outfit Ideas and More

I went to Las Vegas a couple weekends ago for work. I went to an expo where I did a lot of networking and also looked at new equipment and things like that. I got to go to some amazing restaurants and even did a little bit of shopping while I was there even though I only had a few days there.

Night One: Edgy & Polished
I had all my outfits planned out and when I got all of those outfit plans changed, of course. I switched some things up and came up with this outfit! My cold shoulder shirt is from Banana Republic. The material is heavy and feels expensive but not too warm to wear in spring or cooler summer day. I actually have TWO of these shirts. The other color I have is navy blue and it is gorgeous as well! I paired my shirt with a coated pair of skinny jeans from White Black and some lace front shoes. 

Shop My Look:

Cold Shoulder Top: Banana Republic / Black Coated Jeans / Lace Up Sandals: Sam Edelman
This First night we went to Drai's Beach Club at the Cromwell for an event…