Luxury Looks for Less: Hermes Birkin, Chanel Double Flap, etc.

I did a post a very long time ago called Hot Handbags Under $200 My style was more trendy then I feel like, based on my posts in the past. I've now evolved into wearing and choosing more classic pieces since I'm older.

I'd like to do another post on handbags since my style has changed quite a lot. This time I am going to show you a luxury bag and then a handbag(s) that is very similar but much less expensive. I want to show both sides of the spectrum because if I do a mid-level pricing overall and don't show the luxury item inspiring the look my ideas might get lost in translation. The people who like name brands may not be attracted to the content as much and the others who like the less expensive bags may not want to spend that mid-level price either.

This way when you look at the luxury handbag you can compare it to the less expensive bag and sort of decide from there which one you'd like best. For me I like to spend more money on pieces that I know I'll wear a lot and for a long time and less on more trendy things that go out of style fast or other things that wear out easily.

I'm going to organize this post by luxury brand and then compare the bag to something inspired by the luxury bag which is less expensive.

Louis Vuitton 

(1) Noe
First I'd like to talk about the Noe; the Noe was originally created in 1932 for a Champagne producer to transport five bottles of bubbly. Since 1932 they have created a few different sizes and various materials you can choose from. It isn't as popular surprisingly but it has been around for a very long time. The Damier Azur canvas is by far my favorite. The bucket bag seems like a care-free summer bag to me more than anything so the white and blue pattern fits the style perfectly. 

There are three sizes from large to small. The Noe ($1440) which comes in two different canvas options. Petit Noe (Starting $1270) which comes in canvas and Epi Leather then the Noe BB ($1200),  comes in the Damier Azur which is shown here and the classic Monogram. 

The magenta bucket bag is the medium size called Petit Noe. The interior is an amazing microfibre lining and this one also had a zip pocket on the inside that the other Noe's don't have. There are a couple other colors in this Epi Leather, yes they do have black which would go with everything!

Find for Less
Since the canvas is a classic LV thing you won't be able to find that pattern anywhere else. But what you can do is get a cream colored leather or a natural color like the one shown below. This color will wear nicely and go with everything! It looks like a slightly aged vachetta. Vachetta is what the long strap is on the Noe and also what the bottom portion of material is. 
(2) LV Capucines MM
This bag is so beautiful, the shape of it is a classic style and the leather is such great quality. If you're looking for a Louis Vuitton bag that isn't canvas, then this one is a great option. There are three sizes in this style bag; the BB (smallest size), MM (medium size), and GM (largest). The MM is perfect for me, the GM is very big and can get heavy since you can fit more in it. The MM also comes in so many different colors. I'm particularly liking this pink color called Magnolia and Galet which is a Taupe color [not shown]. 

Find for Less
The bag I found is a Kate Spade bag. Has a similar flap closure but this one also has a long strap which will make the bag more versatile I think and only a fraction of the cost. 


(1) Antigona 
This has become an it bag and I definitely understand why. It's so wearable, fits everything, and the shape is very structured which is appealing to the eye naturally. This medium size Antigona runs about $2400. I'd really like to add one to my collection eventually but I'm currently in the market for a smaller, night out bag. Do you have any recommendations for one?

Find for Less

(1) Saffiano Double Zip Tote
This retails for $2390. This is a great every day bag and has a big open section that fits lots of things. It also has a long strap which is fantastic if you need to be hands free. It also has the double zip compartments on each side and smaller slip pockets.

Find for Less
The interior of this Kate Spade is so similar to the Prada bag. The dupe is a lot less structured but it is almost the same color and will give any outfit the same look as the luxury bag. 

(1) Birkin
The Hermes Birkin is a bag that a lot of girls dream about having. These bags are not easy to get a hold of if you are trying to buy directly from the brand but there are plenty on the used market. If you are trying to get one from the store you are put on a wait list and you still don't know if you will get the bag you are looking for. This used one shown below is $20,850.

I honestly don't understand why having a $20,000 bag is a thing. It is an overrated bag in my opinion. If you aren't picky about whether you buy it new or used I'd go the used route. Much easier to get your hands on and you have lots of options that way. I love the color of this bag though. The lighter, beige/tan color with the gold hardware is gorgeous.

It honestly really looks like a practical bag but the price is outrageous. To carry someone's yearly income on my arm as an accessory is a little nauseating to think about. Coming from a person who has expensive things, and who might wear an outfit that costs more than some people's wardrobes; I just truly don't get this bag. I do have to say that the resale value is great though. At this price point it is merely about status, not quality.

Find for Less
Sac de Jour by YSL is a less expensive version of this style bag. I had a hard time finding anything less expensive than this that looked as similar. The price isn't cheap by any means but it is a massive difference. Another similar bag (not shown) is the City Steamer by Louis Vuitton. I got that one last month while I was on a trip. I wasn't thinking about the Birkin at all when I got it. I just wanted a nice everyday, work bag. I liked the structure and the quality of the leather so I got it.

Sac de Jour - Barney's New York $2,890

(1) Classic Double Flap Bag
The double flap bag NEVER goes out of style. It's always been in and the price continues to hike! If you spend your money on luxury bags this would be a great investment piece. The current price is $4900 for the medium size. It holds value very well and you should be able to resell it if you ever wanted to for a great price. 

Find for Less

This is a less popular style but I love bucket bags as you can tell. It's black with gold hardware which is always in style and very elegant. 

Find for Less
Neiman Marcus Bucket Bag $75  SALE: $31.50

Do you have any comments about this or suggestions? I know there are lots of bags out there but I just wanted to touch on some popular ones. Questions, suggestions, comments are greatly appreciated!


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