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Make Date Night Fun Again: Four Date Ideas

I'm single now, but when I am dating I like to look for unique date night ideas to keep things fun and interesting. I love having routine nights out or weekend plans, but trying new things can help you bond and grow with your partner. Here are some of my ideas on how to amp up your dates or just give you new and fresh ideas!

I've not gone hiking or backpacking with a lover but recently I went on an overnight hike with a close male friend and had such a great time. It would be even more fun with a significant other, I think. It was my first time doing something so adventurous. I'm outdoorsy but before this trip, I have never slept in a tent outside other than an Indian Princesses [girl version of Boy Scouts] camping trip with some girls and all of our dads when we were all in the second grade. 
My friend that I went on the overnight trip with has done it multiple times before, for even longer periods of time so it was a fun experience. I learned a lot about camping but even m…