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Outfit Idea: A Cool Summer Day

My current style is what some may call teacher-ish but I call it classy and put together. I've been really enjoying Loft, they do 40% off sales quite often and have great quality clothes. I don't have to worry about dry cleaning anything, usually everything can be washed and dried normally. I've had my eye on their riviera collection of shorts which inspired me to create a look with these amazing yellow, striped, shorts. I feel like this picture doesn't do the shorts justice so if you have a Loft near you, I would suggest that you go in and check out their shorts! I wish I could buy every pair of them!

I know I can't be the only one who will wear a sweater during the summer. Of course, I wouldn't wear it on a 90 degree day but sometimes when you start the day early it's a little bit cooler and a sweater is nice. Or maybe it's just a cooler day in general, in either case, I'd say a sweater is acceptable.

Not only did I create an outfit but I also ad…

Wedding Color Schemes Summer 2015

Hello all!

Of course you've read the title already, but today I'm going to talk a little bit about color schemes! I'm not married but I have been to my fair share of weddings and have helped out my aunt when she was wedding planning. When it comes to my wedding one day I know I would have a really hard time choosing colors, I'm really indecisive and I don't really have a favorite color, I love them all! Today I'm going to focus on things I think are great for this summer! There really are so many options but for the purpose of this post I am only doing about 5 color schemes.

For a super colorful gal….

I'm sort of afraid of bright colors sometimes, but I truly love this color combo. I think maybe I like this because it's a unique color combination that you wouldn't expect for a wedding. 
Soft and romantic…

To have a more crisp clean look, instead of champagne you could do ivory which is amazing as well!

cool, calm and collected… 

I'm really lovin…