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Christmas Wish List 2016: Adidas, J Crew, Coach + More

I hope everyone's holidays are merry and bright. Let me know in the comments section below what your favorite things about the holidays! I love how the holidays bring family together and also the cute winter fashion.
I decided on this Christmas Wish List post so I can share with you guys what I've been loving. This year I have been really into pinks, berries and camel colored things.  I won’t explain everything but I’d just like to highlight some things on my wish list.

Christmas Wish List 2016: Adidas, J Crew, Coach + More by hannahgomez

Starting with the pink J Crew coat, I just want to say this is my DREAM COAT! I love the luxurious gold buttons, the texture and hint of pattern that the coat has. I enjoy longer coats like this one because they keep me warmer than a coat that hits at the waist, it really helps keep heat in. 
Coach has really stepped up their handbag and accessory game. I saw that a fellow blogger had been working with Coach, I started to skim through her post rel…

Favorites of Twenty Sixteen

I love reading about others' favorites so I thought I would share mine with you this year! I will show you my favorites in two different sections starting with fashion favorites.

I have most of these things on here, if not exact, something pretty similar. From my little collage, you can see I have been a huge fan of suede, camel and grey colored things. I only have two of them but I have also been loving Hermes silk scarves. The one pictured above is not one that I have, but is definitely on the list to get in the future. They're pretty expensive but a nice splurge. I got my first one in Paris, France Charles de Gualle Airport In June 2014. My second one I got about a month ago from The RealReal. They have so many options of gently used luxury goods. it's the first time I have bought something pre-loved but I think it is such a great idea. I also bought my mom a beautiful silk scarf from The RealReal which she will be getting for Christmas. I'll definitely start buyin…

Day to Night Makeup Transition: Vegas Edition

Vegas is such a fun vacationing spot with so many things to do. I went to Vegas during spring break one year and I was constantly going somewhere or doing some fun activity. During the day we would go shopping, find fun eats and one day even took a limo to the Hoover Dam! At night we would dine and go to shows and magic performances or concerts. 

You with so many things to do it can be hard to choose. If you go on and check out their attractions and tours it'll help you plan out your trip and score you some awesome package deals! People go to Vegas for either gambling or shows, I'm the kind of person who really enjoys the shows and other performances. My favorite part of Vegas was seeing Blue Man Group, I really wish I could have seen Cirque du Soleil as well.

For my daily travels and touristy ventures, I chose a natural, glowy look. I don't like to wear too much makeup during the day.

Inspiring my day-time look:

I like to have some natural dimension and open up…

Fashion Find For Less: Fendi Double Baguette

I love luxury bags but sometimes they are far too expensive to buy them and consistently keep up with the trends. I found some similar bags from COACH that reminded me of the Fendi Double Baguette Micro Bag. I chose two Coach bags because of the style differences. If you love the small micro bag shape then the COACH crossbody for $169 is right for you. The top handle satchel is also pretty small  and also has a long strap but will fit a lot more and has a more structured feel. The flowers on the Coach top handle stand out more to me like the Fendi bag. It doesn't show in the picture but the Fendi bag also has a long strap.

It really depends on what you are going for. I have the links provided below if you are interested in purchasing any of the three bags I talked about in this post! Just click on the photo of the bag you'd like to check out and it will direct you to the corresponding site.

If you have any questions or suggestions let me know in the comments section below! You…