Fashion Find For Less: Fendi Double Baguette

I love luxury bags but sometimes they are far too expensive to buy them and consistently keep up with the trends. I found some similar bags from COACH that reminded me of the Fendi Double Baguette Micro Bag. I chose two Coach bags because of the style differences. If you love the small micro bag shape then the COACH crossbody for $169 is right for you. The top handle satchel is also pretty small  and also has a long strap but will fit a lot more and has a more structured feel. The flowers on the Coach top handle stand out more to me like the Fendi bag. It doesn't show in the picture but the Fendi bag also has a long strap.

It really depends on what you are going for. I have the links provided below if you are interested in purchasing any of the three bags I talked about in this post! Just click on the photo of the bag you'd like to check out and it will direct you to the corresponding site. swagger

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Have you seen any bags similar to this Fendi? I'd love to see your finds!


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