Candle Crazy

I've had fun doing some DIY things for you guys but today I am going to talk about candles, as you can tell from the title! 
I love candles, mostly the sweet smelling ones. I normally find one candle I like and use it until I feel like it's time for a new smell. I wasn't even looking for candles today. I went to Target to look for some shelves since I'm in the process of redecorating my room. I happened to pass the candle section on the way to the shelves and ended up getting three candles as well.

 Sweet Spun Sugar is the perfect name for this candle because it describes it so well! It does smell like sugar but it doesn't smell foody, I really don't like walking in to a room and smelling "blueberry cobbler" in candle form. This is a light sweet smell that won't overtake a room, and I love the light pink color of the candle!

Sugar blossom is also a sweet smell but it is more floral. I loved it because it smells like my Frilly Lily Sugar Lily perfume! I talked about it in my Top 10 Perfume Picks post. I'm so excited to burn this candle. I recently fell in love with these Target Candles because they last a long time and when it burns, it smells like it is supposed to. I almost love them more than Bath and Body Works Candles! These Target Candles are only $10!

 Last but not least, Coconut Grove. I can't explain how much I love coconut. This one also has a hint of vanilla. I liked this one because it reminds me of the beach. Summer is my most favorite time of year because that means I get to go to the beach.

The candle I have been using for a couple months is called Coconut Leaves and this one is from Bath and Body Works. It has a clean fresh smell with a hint of coconut. It is different than any other coconut candles I've had before. So far this is the only bath and body works candle that I love. The other ones are okay, but this one is by far the best.
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Oh and I became an e-tail approved blogger recently so that is exciting!

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