What's in my Bag: Airplane Edition + Airport Outfit

What's in my bag?
It's hard to sit on a plane for too long so I always make sure I have everything I could possibly need! I don't normally take makeup in my carry on so I don't have to throw it away for any reason.
So I can look somewhat put together I wear tinted moisturizer and lipgloss on the plane and bring along the lip color or gloss that I am wearing. You really have to make sure you don't go over the liquid limit because they will make you throw it away! Below is a picture of all of my things that will be in my bag!

  1. Headphones
  2. Ipad
  3. Magazines
  4. Lipgloss
  5. Hair ties/ bobby pins
  6. Body mist
  7. H20 Oasis mist
  8. Socks
  9. Vaseline lip therapy
  11. Mini lotion
  12. Gum
  13. Toothbrush
  14. Zip lock bag for your liquids

Airport Outfit
I always want to look decent, even at the airport, but I also want to be comfortable! I'm wearing a navy blue sweater with a patterned button down under it, dark jeans and some black quilted flats.

Yes it is cat patterned :)
Sorry about the background, I'm in the process of moving

Sweater- Gap
Patterned Button Down- Gap 
Jeans-Rock & Revival
Shoes- Sperry's

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