Bright Lipsticks: Show Orchid by MAC

Show Orchid by MAC
I forgot to show you guys something the other day. I also purchased this lipstick when I bought the Chanel bronzer. In the past I didn't really wear lipstick but in the last couple months I've collected so many. This is my first Mac lipstick, actually this is my first MAC product, ever. I've heard great things about their makeup but never tried it because I thought their makeup was expensive. That is definitely not true. I went into the MAC store and everything was a decent price. This lipstick was only $15 which isn't much more than your regular drugstore makeup. This lipstick is called Show Orchid and it so pigmented and has sort of a blue base which makes your teeth look really white! This is my first bright lipstick, I've worn it a few times and have gotten so many compliments. I have found that lipstick can make your lips really dry but surprisingly this one isn't as harsh on the lips, compared to ones I have tried before. Basically it will go with anyones skin tone, so if you are looking to try a bright lipstick this is the one! Oh and if you go out and try to buy this, they do not have it at MAC counters, you have to go into an actual MAC store to find it. Don't forget to comment below!

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