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I didn't really talk about New York too much so I thought I'd tell you some things that I loved while I was there! I've been twice and had two very different experiences whilst in NYC.
The first time I went was in June 2011, in record high heat.
The second time which was last week, it was so cold I was wearing clothing that I would normally take on a ski trip.
Even though I numbered these things there is no particular order. I also added links for each of them so you can easily find them.
If you want to see photographs head on over to the 'Travel' tab at the top of the home page!

1. Marie Belle
I was shopping in SoHo with my mom when we stumbled upon this hole in the wall. What is Marie Belle? It is a small chocolate shop with a huge variety of chocolates! There were 6 different types of hot chocolate, if that gives you an idea.

2. Vapiano pizza/pasta bar
This was a really cool place to eat and it was really good! Definitely try it!

3. Topshop/Topman
I had never been into a Topshop before New York, unfortunately there are none where I live! Topshop is almost like H&M but more expensive and Topman is connected which is the men's floor.

4. Viand Cafe
This was THE best place to eat breakfast. It was small and quiet with great food and service.

5. Central Park
I stayed literally next to Central Park the first time I went and in Times Square the second time. I can say that staying close to Central Park was way better than staying in the middle of the busy city! I didn't get to go but I heard the Zoo inside central park is where the locals go (not the Bronx Zoo).

6. Grand Central Terminal
It is not only a place to catch the subway, there are restaurants and shops! It is also the home to Michael Jordan's Steakhouse, which is very good if you ask me. Even if you don't take the subway, eat some food and walk around.

7. Ground Zero - 9/11 Memorial
Its's hard to explain how it makes you feel. It is an emotional experience and definitely a place worth going to.

8. Annie on Broadway
I would say go see any play because you would probably love it! I went to see Annie and even my teenage brother and cousins liked it!

9. Empire State Building Observatory
Although it was really cold, there was a view that words cannot explain. If you want to see photographs from my trip head to the 'Travel' tab to take a look!

10. Street Fairs
If there are any while you are there go to a vendor and get some food! It is the best food you'll ever have. I was scared to eat street food because you don't do that in Texas but I'm glad I tried it.

11. FAO Schwartz
Even though I am 19 years of age, I still had fun in this place! All 8 people who went on this trip with me were over 14 and we stayed in there for a good 2 hours. I would recommend this toy store over the Toys R Us in Times Square.

12. Chelsea, NYC
Chelsea is an upscale quiet neighborhood that I discovered the second time I traveled to New York. There are a couple things I would recommend you do here! Go to Chelsea Market, The High Line, Chelsea Piers and an Art Gallery. Art galleries are free and you get to experience beautiful art and the creativity among NYC.

I know there is more to read here than usual but I thought I'd share my best experiences from NYC with you guys! I hope you enjoyed it and go if you haven't gone before.
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  1. Love your top ten of NYC, I have a Grand Central post coming soon :)


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