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College Graduation Outfits 2015/2016

I will be graduating college in less than a week. Crazy, I know! Most people graduate in May but I had to do an extra semester to get in the last 3 classes. I have been researching about what to wear and I know other college girls out there are doing the same. I thought I would create a few outfit ideas to help you out if you have yet to find what you will wear!

Although it is December, it is surprisingly not very cold at all where I am so dresses will work. If you are in a colder area…then idk… I'd still wear a dress anyway. Haha, I just love dressing up.

Outfit #1

grad outfit #1 by hannahgomez featuring Gucci
Club L tall dress

Tom Ford ankle boots
$1,235 -

Gucci clutch
$865 -

Bracelet bangle

Outfit #2

grad outfit #2 by hannahgomez featuring lips makeup

Zoe red lace cocktail dress

Christian Louboutin patent pumps
$640 -

Tory Burch stud earring set

NARS Cosmetics lips makeup
$36 -…

Kerry Washington Inspired Outfit


Game Day Outfits 2015

Game Day Outfits 2015 by hannahgomez featuring Totally Bamboo

Football season is here and so is fall! I know it's still pretty warm outside in some states but Autumn is just around the corner. The nights are getting cooler which means its about time to do an outfit post dedicated to early fall.
It is officially my last football season as a college student and I am quite sad; it has gone by way too fast, I'm just now having fun! My school colors probably aren't the same as all of yours and a lot of you may not even be in college but I think this is a good first autumn outfit idea post for everyone. I mean, who doesn't love red? 

I'm kind of a simple person who likes to look put together and avoid accessory overload. Lots of people like lots of rings and bracelets but I like to spend my money on more expensive, good quality things to fill my wardrobe with. This way, things last a lot longer and don't go out of style as fast.

For the first football game we had a c…

Favorite Summer Fragrances 2015

Favorite Summer Fragrances 2015 by hannahgomez featuring Dolce&Gabbana

Hello lovelies, 

I am really enjoying blogging again! I know my posts might not be up to par like they were when I was really into blogging but I feel like I am getting back into the groove, slowly. What posts would you like to see? I don't really get a lot of feedback so I just kind of do what I think you might like. As for today I'll be talking about summer fragrances because that's what I've been looking into for myself lately. 

I have some of these fragrances but not all of them but I have at least had a sample of them so I'm not solely going off of a description I found online. I could have added ones that I don't know much about but I like to be able to give you my honest opinion from my experience. Below I have links to places where you can get all of the fragrances so I'll just go in order of the links below. There are two that don't have links so I'll talk about those f…

Swimsuit Wish List Summer 2015

Swimsuit Wish List 2015 by hannahgomez featuring see through swimwear

Summer has arrived, gone are the days of the frigid cold! As some of you know I live in Oklahoma which has equally bipolar weather as compared to Texas. Also, in Oklahoma this year it rained and stormed for basically the whole month of May and beginning of June and there were so many tornadoes I can't even count how many there were. It was a depressing month to say the least. Not to say that I'm depressed but continual bad weather can take a toll on your emotional state.  
However, the sun is out now and that makes me happy! I haven't gone swimsuit shopping yet, even though I am in dire need of swimsuits. I have being doing some online research about what swimsuits I would like to get and which ones would fit me best. I have an athletic body but my bra size is a 32-34DD which makes is very difficult to find tops that fit me well. The halter tops and crop tops I know will fit my body well. 
I have a coupl…

Outfit Idea: A Cool Summer Day

My current style is what some may call teacher-ish but I call it classy and put together. I've been really enjoying Loft, they do 40% off sales quite often and have great quality clothes. I don't have to worry about dry cleaning anything, usually everything can be washed and dried normally. I've had my eye on their riviera collection of shorts which inspired me to create a look with these amazing yellow, striped, shorts. I feel like this picture doesn't do the shorts justice so if you have a Loft near you, I would suggest that you go in and check out their shorts! I wish I could buy every pair of them!

I know I can't be the only one who will wear a sweater during the summer. Of course, I wouldn't wear it on a 90 degree day but sometimes when you start the day early it's a little bit cooler and a sweater is nice. Or maybe it's just a cooler day in general, in either case, I'd say a sweater is acceptable.

Not only did I create an outfit but I also ad…