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Merry Christmas!

Hello lovelies! I am glad to be home for the holidays and very happy I get to spend time with my family. I am also excited that I am back to blogging again, I might not post as often as I would like but I definitely want to start posting again because I know that you enjoy it and of course I love it as well! I've had lots of people ask me when I was going to start blogging again so I knew I definitely needed to start again.
This Christmas I got lots of cozy things. I've collected lots of scarves, most of them are from Urban Outfitters except the light blue one which is from Gap. *Most of the pictures are clickable and will take you directly to where you can buy the item. I got a few pairs of fun socks, too (all from Urban). Chanel Coco Mademoiselle is my favorite perfume and I ran out last month so I was extremely happy to get some for Christmas. I bought myself a pair of Gianni Bini Black booties which I've worn a few times. They keep my feet warm and are nice when its a…

Christmas Eve Outfit

Hello everyone! Even though these are just iPhone pictures, I wanted to show you what I wore for my Christmas Eve outfit. I love love the color of this shirt dress I got from Loft and I think I'll get to wear it a lot. If you go onto Shop My Wardrobe it'll take you directly to the site where you can buy this exact shirt and boots I'm wearing. I'm planning on doing a post on what I'm going to wear for NYE. Also be on the lookout for a post on what I got for Christmas! I know this post was short but I know you like my outfit posts. Let me know if you have any questions. 

Happy Holidays!

Christmas List 2014

Christmas List 2014 by hannahgomez featuring black shoes
Hi guys, I haven't posted in a while but I'm done for the semester until mid January, so I thought I would post a few times before school starts again. It might be a little late to post a Christmas list but I thought it would be fun anyway so you can see kind of what my style has evolved to from the last time I posted. I am a college student and have gotten a little lazy with keeping up with stylish things. Especially since it's been bone chilling cold outside, I've resorted to the typical college girl outfit…leggings, oversized shirts, and Patagonias. So just a warning *this list is probably less than fabulous*

What my list consists of…

I love love flannels and I only have 1 right now so a new flannel is a perfect thing for Christmas. I know I might be getting old, but…cozy socks are always fun so of course I asked for cute cozy socks. Also, another thing to keep me warm are scarves. I have so many scarves I prob…

OOTD: Baby Blues

OOTD: Baby Blues by hannahgomez featuring infinity scarves
French Connection knit cardigan
$100 -

Enza costa t shirt

Frame Denim jeans

Office black boots
$115 -

Kendra Scott rose gold ring

Paula Bianco infinity scarve

Pieces infinity scarf
$16 -