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Vegas 2017: CONEXPO, Drai's, Outfit Ideas and More

I went to Las Vegas a couple weekends ago for work. I went to an expo where I did a lot of networking and also looked at new equipment and things like that. I got to go to some amazing restaurants and even did a little bit of shopping while I was there even though I only had a few days there.

Night One: Edgy & Polished
I had all my outfits planned out and when I got all of those outfit plans changed, of course. I switched some things up and came up with this outfit! My cold shoulder shirt is from Banana Republic. The material is heavy and feels expensive but not too warm to wear in spring or cooler summer day. I actually have TWO of these shirts. The other color I have is navy blue and it is gorgeous as well! I paired my shirt with a coated pair of skinny jeans from White Black and some lace front shoes. 

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Cold Shoulder Top: Banana Republic / Black Coated Jeans / Lace Up Sandals: Sam Edelman
This First night we went to Drai's Beach Club at the Cromwell for an event…

His and Hers: Springtime Outfits and Favorite Trends 2017

I was trying to come up with a good post for you guys and was lacking some creativity when I was inspired by Bonobos to do his and hers looks including my favorite trends and Spring hues. I haven't done guys looks at all really but I felt like the readers might really appreciate this type of post so I was up for the challenge!
Spring is here and Summer is around the corner! My color palette in the clothes I'm shopping for and wearing has changed since the sun is here and shining. I am a fan of neutrals, pastels and florals during this time of year. 

My first look is for a day when you sort of want to dress up but don't want to go overboard. This top is such a statement piece and makes the whole outfit in my opinion. The pleats and high neck make it very feminine and girly. The Metallic blue flats could be interchanged with some pumps or brown loafers. Metallic is such a fun trend, I urge you to try it out this season while it is here!

Floral Edwardian Top / Saint L…

2017 Street Casual Style & My Thought on Styling Services

I've been really inspired to do outfit idea posts lately. The spring time has refreshed my styling game. I'm a pretty casual person when it comes to style but always put together. I'd like to start incorporating more bold pieces that I'd usually be afraid to wear on a regular day.

A personal styling service company called Dia & Co. gave me the idea to do a post about facing my fashion fears and to wear something out of my comfort zone. The first thing that came to mind were my neon yellow shoes, I bought them last summer and have only worn them once! I thought it would be an awesome post to incorporate them into. They are bright and bold for spring time and definitely a statement piece but if you pair it with a simple outfit, the look doesn't have to be so scary.

If you're feeling a bit more brave you could wear a hot pink lipstick which would be fun if you're feeling a little daring.

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Black Sweater / Distressed Skinnies: Topshop / Neon Pum…

Spring 2017 Fashion and Beauty Essentials - Nuxe, YSL, Chanel...

Hello everyone, spring is finally here! I thought I'd give you a little peek into some of my essentials now that we are transitioning to warmer weather and more sunshine! I'm not going to touch on everything in this post but if you have questions PLEASE feel free to comment or send me a message and I will gladly get back to you.

Spring 2017 Essentials by hannahgomez featuring eyes swimwear

I've recently been using some rose body scrub that I absolutely love, I also got the body butter as well I just didn't put it on here. The scent of a rose body scrub is so great to me, I've been obsessed the past couple weeks. 
The next thing I want to talk about is the Nuxe Huile Prodiguese, this is something I came across in 2014 when I was in staying in France. I have loved it ever since then. The scent is light, I'm not sure how to explain it. It doesn't have a scent I can pick out, it's very natural and not offensive if you're weary of scents. 
The Estee Edit…

Spring Outfit Idea: Stylish and Chic

All About Pink: Outfit Idea for Spring by hannahgomez featuring a silk shawl

Hi everyone! I went to Banana Republic recently and got a pink sweater which is pictured above. It may be hard to tell but it has a scalloped edge neck. Click here to see on Banana Republic. I am completely in love with this sweater, I could get it in every color but I really don't need all of them. It is made of a super fine Merino Wool. It keeps you warm on a cooler spring day but will not be too hot. 
With this sweater I paired a similar hermes scarf and skinny jeans. You can tie the scarf so many ways which will give you so many options and different looks to your outfit. You can dress this outfit up or down depending on the shoes you choose. I wanted to go more casual so I wore a neutral flat. Mine was a little different than this one but I think this shoe would go perfect with an outfit like this if you are trying to keep it casual but still very put together. If you wanted to dress it up you could …