Vegas 2017: CONEXPO, Drai's, Outfit Ideas and More

I went to Las Vegas a couple weekends ago for work. I went to an expo where I did a lot of networking and also looked at new equipment and things like that. I got to go to some amazing restaurants and even did a little bit of shopping while I was there even though I only had a few days there.

Night One: Edgy & Polished

I had all my outfits planned out and when I got all of those outfit plans changed, of course. I switched some things up and came up with this outfit! My cold shoulder shirt is from Banana Republic. The material is heavy and feels expensive but not too warm to wear in spring or cooler summer day. I actually have TWO of these shirts. The other color I have is navy blue and it is gorgeous as well! I paired my shirt with a coated pair of skinny jeans from White Black and some lace front shoes. 

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This First night we went to Drai's Beach Club at the Cromwell for an event that Volvo was hosting. They rented the entire club out and had live music, it was a lot of fun. I work at our family owned and operated business out of Dallas and I went on this work trip with my dad. My brother met up with us a day later.

After the club we went off to dinner later that night with some people from ROMCO who sells our company all of our Volvo machines. We went an amazing restaurant called Smith & Wollensky, where I had some of the best seafood I've ever had in my lifetime. I would highly recommend the seafood tower and the truffle mac.   

Night Two: Merino Cool

Night two was a Friday night, my brother is also in the picture if you were wondering who it was. (;
I wore my bright pink scalloped neck, merino wool sweater from Banana Republic and some black and gray tweed dress pants from Loft. My pumps are a nude YSL pump which are pretty comfortable expect for the fact I was walking around all day that day at a massive convention in uncomfortable flats. My YSL pumps definitely didn't stay on all night though. I went back to the room early and changed into yoga pants and some APL tennies! haha.

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After being at the expo all day the group I was with decided on a small Italian place called Battista's. I wasn't a huge fan of the food but it was a fun atmosphere with our large group of people. I had a house salad and linguini with red sauce. I ended up just going back to the hotel after dinner and watched a movie with my cousin. It was called Why Him with James Franco. I haven't laughed that hard in while; everything was so unpredictable and ridiculously funny.

Night Three: Smart Casual

This was after my feet had a minor swelling episode. I was planning on wearing a different pair of shoes but my feet couldn't take it so I wore the same shoes I had on the first night. I wore some hot pink pants from Banana Republic, a silk shirt tucked in the front and a brown/camel colored blazer. In real life they look more like the model photo. It looks a little bunchy in the picture, maybe because of how I was standing.

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The last night in Vegas we ate dinner at a place called Yellowtail. Some of the best sushi/seafood I've had. Such a cool modern way of food presentation and great flavors overall. We ordered lots of different things to share and had our full meal that way. It's not something we would do at any other place usually but this restaurant had that type of vibe. If you check out the menu it might make more sense.

Shopping: Hermes and Louis Vuitton

I did a little shopping while I was in Vegas. I wanted to get an Hermes scarf when I was there but I didn't end up getting one. These are the ones that I looked at. I'm really attracted to the smaller patterns like the second and third scarf in this picture below (from left to right). They are actually the same scarf in different colors. The first scarf on the left was beautiful but I wasn't a fan of the leopard print. For some reason I am just not an animal print person. 

Before I walked out of Hermes I saw this beautiful classic patterned scarf shown below. If I were to buy an Hermes scarf on the trip I would have been this one. It just made me so happy and I loved the softer colors for spring. They actually have lots of other colors in this style as well but this one was by far my favorite! If I buy an Hermes scarf for spring I will be sure to make brief post about it. 

One thing I might add, any Hermes store I have been in has had the greatest customer service. In my experience out of the 5 or so stores I have been in, they are so pleasant and happy to help you which is why I continue to shop with them and buy from the brand. 

Hermes Silk Scarf 36" x 36" : Paperoles $

I surprisingly chose a purse, it was from Louis Vuitton! I went in two different LV stores looking for bags I have seen online. I looked at the Pochette Metis in the Empreinte leather which had just come out an hour before I went in that morning. The leather was so soft and luxe but I already have it in the monogram so I didn't want to get the same bag. 

Later that evening I went to the LV in the Bellagio looking for an Alma in Epi, Noe BB in Damier Azur and a few others but they didn't have any I asked for. The sales associate started bringing me bags I didn't even know existed and then he brought the City Steamer in the MM size....I fell in LOVE! I guess I had seen this bag before but I wasn't on my radar at all. I never would have thought I would like this bag as much as I did but it was a game changer. The shape is amazing, the leather is so luxurious and it was an overall well-made bag. 

The one on the left is the GM and the smaller one is the MM. You probably can't tell in the picture but the one on the right is a smooth buttery leather. The larger one has a texture to it. I ordered the smaller size in the texture of the larger one. I will do a post and a short video on the bag separately if you are interested!

Have you been to Vegas before? What were some of you favorite places to go? Let me know in the comments section below or shoot me an email. I'd love to hear from you.

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