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Fashion Pick of the Week: Floral Print Cardigan

Summer is almost over now so I thought I'd start giving you some inspiration for fall time!
I recently got this floral print cardigan from Aeropostale. I know wearing it outside is really unreasonable, considering on average it's about 100 degrees outside. Aside from that it's nice and cozy to wear around the house or if you are going somewhere at night!
I absolutely have an addiction to cardigans and blazers. *cough cough* no I didn't say that.  Let's talk about this print, maybe it's only me but you know I adore anything and everything floral!
If you want to see me wearing this go check out my main YouTube channel. There will be a new video posted Sunday with me wearing this cardigan!
Buy it here:
I know I haven't been posting as much on here but I am making YouTube videos on 2 different channels as well as starting school. College stress…

Monday Manicure: Cute as a Button

Summer is coming to an end but my love for fun colored nail polish has not gone. I picked up Essie's Cute as a Button polish at Target for about $8. I tend to go for the Essie polishes because they are so familiar and I can find them everywhere.  When I saw this polish in the store, the first thing that came to mind was that it's sort of a watermelon-y pink. I don't know of any other way to explain it. These photos have no filters so that you can see the true color. Link to buy this polish will be at the end:) What do you think about this color? 

Click here to buy >>>>>> Essie Cute as a Button
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Fashion Pick of the Week: Printed Denim

Happy Sunday everyone:)  Today I am doing my fashion pick of the week because I completely forgot about it on Thursday...oops.  It was my first week of college so I had many things to sort out and get done for school, my apartment and getting my new YouTube channel up and running. There is a video on there about my first week of college if you'd like to see it I'll leave the link below!
For this weeks pick, I chose a pair of denim shorts I got from Target. They fit me perfectly and I absolutely love the paisley. They sort of look like a bandana? Haha I thought it was adorable so I couldn't leave without them. There is a link below the photos if you are interested in getting them. What do you think about them? Do you like printed denim?
Buy them here:
First week of college video:
If you have questions suggestions or anyt…

My Current Stylespiration

My style inspiration, where does it come from? Who? I think it is really hard to explain my style. Some days you'll find me wearing Doc Martens and the next day I may be in five inch heels. It really just depends on how I feel when I wake up in the morning. I've been meaning to post this for a while now because I think it will really explain me. I think the easiest way to tell you about my style is to name a couple people that I am currently loving. I'm not saying that I dress like them exactly, it is just that I am inspired by them.

Taylor Swift is definitely my top style icon. It never fails, she always looks fabulous. I think these three pictures explain perfectly why I love her style. The red lips, oxfords, skinnies and prefect winged eyeliner! (even though you can't see her eyes) She's casual, preppy, and put together all the time! I like that she still looks fabulous even when she's just wearing some skinnies.

Lana Del Rey is definitely a character, she h…

Brand Feature: ShopLately's Glint & Gleam

I'm so excited because today is my very first brand feature! If you've followed my blog so far and follow me on twitter or facebook, you know I really just do this for fun and use it as an escape from stressful college life!:) I never thought I would be contacted to do a feature or anything but I was, and I'm so happy to be doing it. I'm not getting paid for this. They just simply asked me if I would feature the brand.

ShopLately is a really fun place to shop online if you're looking for some unique trendy accessories. Different brands sell their products on ShopLately, it houses different brand's products. ShopLately acts as a marketplace for the sellers. Today I'm strictly talking about jewelry from Glint & Gleam! I really have fallen in love with Glint & Gleam because they have those trendy pieces that we all look for but there is a little twist and everything is unique. It was so difficult to narrow it down because I loved everything but here ar…

Weekend Blogging

As you know I moved into my new apartment over the weekend. Basically I spent the entire day getting all settled in but of course I see this cupcake place so there's no way I could pass it up. Mostly because the cupcakes were so cute! Surprisingly they were really good as well. I probably should have gotten the mini cupcakes, there's no way I can eat all those gigantic ones. I am also starting a vlog channel this week!:) I'll probably post my first video Friday. Those videos will just be about my life in college and anything I think you'll find interesting. Click the link below to see the videos I have already posted on my main channel. I started my main channel in May but I think I'll be making more vlogs now that I've started classes for the fall. Is anyone else in college as well?  It's definitely stressful but that's why I like blogging and making videos for you guys. It keeps me a little bit sane and gives me a break from studying. 

Did you do any…

Trend Alert: Aztec Prints and How to Wear Them

Trend Alert: Aztec Prints by hannahgomez featuring wayfarer glasses

I want to apologize for not posting for a couple days! I've been in the moving process and I'll start classes tomorrow so I probably won't be posting every day but I'll try my best to get posts out to you guys. I'm also making YouTube videos now so I'll keep doing that as well. Hopefully I'll still be able to make a few videos each month. 
Anyway, lets get down to this Aztec print trend. These would be some fun trendy pieces for going back to school if you are still shopping for back to school! Even if you're not in school these are still fun, trendy pieces to get. How would I ever wear a pattern like this you may ask...It's simple, if you were to wear an Aztec print top then wear solid color bottom or vice versa. 
Isn't this like for the grunge look? Not necessarily, you can go super girly and cute or really posh as well. I would say the skirt would be for more of a fun girly l…