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My style inspiration, where does it come from? Who? I think it is really hard to explain my style. Some days you'll find me wearing Doc Martens and the next day I may be in five inch heels. It really just depends on how I feel when I wake up in the morning. I've been meaning to post this for a while now because I think it will really explain me. I think the easiest way to tell you about my style is to name a couple people that I am currently loving. I'm not saying that I dress like them exactly, it is just that I am inspired by them.

Taylor Swift is definitely my top style icon. It never fails, she always looks fabulous. I think these three pictures explain perfectly why I love her style. The red lips, oxfords, skinnies and prefect winged eyeliner! (even though you can't see her eyes) She's casual, preppy, and put together all the time! I like that she still looks fabulous even when she's just wearing some skinnies.

Lana Del Rey is definitely a character, she has sort of a vintagey style. I would say that my head scarf obsession came from her. What I love about her style is her makeup and hair. Her hair is always perfect! Quite often she does a bold lip as well. I love how she can pull off an extremely exaggerated eyeliner look and still manage to look somewhat normal. Do you have any style icons? Let me know in the comments section below!:)

What do you think about Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey?
If you have any questions or suggestions you know where to leave them!

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