Fashion Pick of the Week: Floral Print Cardigan

Summer is almost over now so I thought I'd start giving you some inspiration for fall time!
I recently got this floral print cardigan from Aeropostale. I know wearing it outside is really unreasonable, considering on average it's about 100 degrees outside. Aside from that it's nice and cozy to wear around the house or if you are going somewhere at night!
I absolutely have an addiction to cardigans and blazers. *cough cough* no I didn't say that. 
Let's talk about this print, maybe it's only me but you know I adore anything and everything floral!
If you want to see me wearing this go check out my main YouTube channel. There will be a new video posted Sunday with me wearing this cardigan!

I know I haven't been posting as much on here but I am making YouTube videos on 2 different channels as well as starting school. College stress is almost unbearable but that's why I do this blog and YouTube thing:) It really helps me have some time where I'm not thinking about studying or anything else education related. Even though school is taking up 95% of my time I'm still going to try and set aside some time for you guys! I have a beauty/fashion channel and another channel with everything else in between. Links to both of my channels are below.

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