Weekend Blogging

As you know I moved into my new apartment over the weekend. Basically I spent the entire day getting all settled in but of course I see this cupcake place so there's no way I could pass it up. Mostly because the cupcakes were so cute! Surprisingly they were really good as well. I probably should have gotten the mini cupcakes, there's no way I can eat all those gigantic ones. I am also starting a vlog channel this week!:) I'll probably post my first video Friday. Those videos will just be about my life in college and anything I think you'll find interesting. Click the link below to see the videos I have already posted on my main channel. I started my main channel in May but I think I'll be making more vlogs now that I've started classes for the fall. Is anyone else in college as well?  It's definitely stressful but that's why I like blogging and making videos for you guys. It keeps me a little bit sane and gives me a break from studying. 

Did you do anything fun this weekend?
Lots of love, 


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