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I'm so excited because today is my very first brand feature! If you've followed my blog so far and follow me on twitter or facebook, you know I really just do this for fun and use it as an escape from stressful college life!:) I never thought I would be contacted to do a feature or anything but I was, and I'm so happy to be doing it. I'm not getting paid for this. They just simply asked me if I would feature the brand.

ShopLately is a really fun place to shop online if you're looking for some unique trendy accessories. Different brands sell their products on ShopLately, it houses different brand's products. ShopLately acts as a marketplace for the sellers. Today I'm strictly talking about jewelry from Glint & Gleam! I really have fallen in love with Glint & Gleam because they have those trendy pieces that we all look for but there is a little twist and everything is unique. It was so difficult to narrow it down because I loved everything but here are the items I have chosen to show you here on my blog. I'll just let you know a little bit about why I chose each of these specific items. I will provide the exact name of the pieces so that you will be able to find them on ShopLately's site.

Show Girl Ear Cuff- Sapphire and Emerald
I've seen people wearing these ear cuffs before but personally I haven't been brave enough to buy one yet. I like this one because it is super girly and cute!

So Studded Silicone Bracelet- Clear and Gold
Studs are so popular right now but it's really been difficult for me to find pieces that other people don't have. I like staying on trend but I don't want to look exactly like everyone else. It's not your regular leather bracelet with studs. I think the silicon changes it up a little and makes it different. The leather bracelets just seems so typical to me.

Lucky You Necklace- Gold
When I saw this there was no hesitation, I knew I had to show this to you guys! This is something I definitely have not seen before. It has tons of little dangling clover charms that are just so adorable!

Beetle Belle Ring- Coral and Mint
I'm not big on statement rings but this one is cute, girly and not too loud.

Oragami Bunny Necklace
Those delicate charm necklaces are so dainty and feminine but I feel like there aren't very many options out there. That is why I wanted to show you this one. The girl next to you definitely won't have the same necklace on. This one isn't super girly or anything but it is really cool to wear as an everyday necklace. I think they also have one in gold as well.

Mini Mane Attraction Bracelet
I've sort of been obsessed with chunky chain jewelry lately but this one stood out to me because of the lion head on it. It's big and chunky but not too gaudy.

Electric Princess Statement Necklace- Neon Pink and Yellow
Statement necklaces! I'm so not one to wear statement necklaces very often but everything about this is perfect. It's not too big but big enough to draw some attention to how adorable it is. This is perfect for you girls that love statement pieces. I didn't include many on here but Glint & Gleam has lots of options for statement pieces.

Bazaar Beauty Necklace- Coral and Teal
This is one of the more subtle pieces I chose. I think it wold be a necklace that could get lots of wear for many occasions.

ShopLately has so many choices, I would definitely recommend that you just go over and kind of see what they have, there's something for everyone! I forgot to mention it but everything is decently priced as well, very affordable. Have you ever heard of ShopLately before this? Let me know in the comments section below and tell me what you think about their jewelry! I'll be happy to answer any questions that you have, just leave them below!:)

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