Fashion Pick of the Week: Printed Denim

Happy Sunday everyone:) 
Today I am doing my fashion pick of the week because I completely forgot about it on Thursday...oops. 
It was my first week of college so I had many things to sort out and get done for school, my apartment and getting my new YouTube channel up and running. There is a video on there about my first week of college if you'd like to see it I'll leave the link below!

For this weeks pick, I chose a pair of denim shorts I got from Target. They fit me perfectly and I absolutely love the paisley. They sort of look like a bandana? Haha I thought it was adorable so I couldn't leave without them. There is a link below the photos if you are interested in getting them.
What do you think about them? Do you like printed denim?

Buy them here: 

First week of college video: 

If you have questions suggestions or anything leave them in the comments section below:)
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  1. These are, so unique, I've never seen such a print on shorts before! I'd pair them with a baggy t-shirt, I'm soo considering buying them!

    1. Before these, I hadn't seen anything like it either.
      I wore a baggy shirt with them and tucked in the front.


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