Game Day Outfits 2015

Game Day Outfits 2015

Game Day Outfits 2015 by hannahgomez featuring Totally Bamboo

Football season is here and so is fall! I know it's still pretty warm outside in some states but Autumn is just around the corner. The nights are getting cooler which means its about time to do an outfit post dedicated to early fall.

It is officially my last football season as a college student and I am quite sad; it has gone by way too fast, I'm just now having fun! My school colors probably aren't the same as all of yours and a lot of you may not even be in college but I think this is a good first autumn outfit idea post for everyone. I mean, who doesn't love red? 

I'm kind of a simple person who likes to look put together and avoid accessory overload. Lots of people like lots of rings and bracelets but I like to spend my money on more expensive, good quality things to fill my wardrobe with. This way, things last a lot longer and don't go out of style as fast.

For the first football game we had a couple weeks ago, I wore a red romper and white sandals similar to the items in the collage. I also wore the same exact red hourglass lipstick. I don't really like calling it a lipstick but I'm not sure what other category it falls in. I really love the texture and color and it stays on for hours, even through a meal. The game we had today I wore the same red t-shirt with a crimson bralette and a pair of gray jeans rolled up with some white converse. It was more sporty than I would go for normally but it was an early game and sort of cool outside so I thought it was appropriate. I definitely would have been too cold in a dress.

Very soon into the football season it gets pretty cold. I realize that I didn't create any outfits that were particularly warm enough for some states but if you add layers and a scarf, all should go well. The more layers you add, the more cozy you'll be. Leather boots are wonderful but can be cold if you don't wear the right socks on a bone chilling day. Make sure you find some nice thick socks to wear and it''ll help keep you warm throughout the whole game. Also, if you're permanently frozen through the winter months and only thaw when May or June comes around like me,  I would suggest adding a beanie.

If you would like to see my outfits I wore to the past two games, click on the instagram link below! 
**If you want the links to any of the items from the collage, click the link below the collage that says "Game Day Outfits 2015"**

If you have any questions leave them down below, I'd be happy to answer any that you have! Do you have suggestions for other posts? I'm always looking for new ideas!


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