Make Date Night Fun Again: Four Date Ideas

I'm single now, but when I am dating I like to look for unique date night ideas to keep things fun and interesting. I love having routine nights out or weekend plans, but trying new things can help you bond and grow with your partner. Here are some of my ideas on how to amp up your dates or just give you new and fresh ideas!

I've not gone hiking or backpacking with a lover but recently I went on an overnight hike with a close male friend and had such a great time. It would be even more fun with a significant other, I think. It was my first time doing something so adventurous. I'm outdoorsy but before this trip, I have never slept in a tent outside other than an Indian Princesses [girl version of Boy Scouts] camping trip with some girls and all of our dads when we were all in the second grade. 

My friend that I went on the overnight trip with has done it multiple times before, for even longer periods of time so it was a fun experience. I learned a lot about camping but even more about him that I never knew! He knew where he was going and knowledgeable about what he was doing so I never had to be nervous about being in the woods for 2 days. If neither you or your partner have experience with this type of stuff, to be safe I'd say make it a day hike. It'll be just as fun except without sleeping in a tent. You can go back to your own place, shower and sleep in a cozy bed!

Dress up, rent a fun car and go have a fancy dinner. Dressing up is always fun for me. I love makeup, putting together outfits and just going out to do something. If you've been dating a while or are in a long term relationship you may not remember the last time you both dressed your best to go out on a date. This isn't a bad thing but it is nice sometimes to look nice for your significant other. Even though you don't have to impress them, they appreciate the effort you put in to look good for them which is what is the most important. 

I recently learned about Turo a peer-to-peer car rental company where you can rent various types of classic and exotic cars for the night or even the weekend to make your fancy date night even that much better. You can do this for those special Birthday dates, Valentines or just because! It seems like such a cool and inexpensive way to add a unique touch to your dates. You can click on the hyperlink above to learn more about how Turo's services work!

Dates don't always have to be about going somewhere or spending a lot of money. Sometimes it's impossible to pick a place to eat and then it ends up in an argument so why not try something that isn't revolving around food? Find your favorite DIY on, round up your supplies and do something creative together. You have to work together to complete something and it is a great feeling when it's all done. Some of my favorite DIY's this holiday season are. Homemade Vanilla Extract & Pinecone Fire Starters.

Take a cooking class or go to a museum you haven't been to before! Learning something new with your other half will bring you closer than ever. This type of bonding experience will make you stronger than before. Learning to work together helps you get a long better and learn to communicate with your special one effectively. Museums can be fund and bring out your inner child. I can definitely vouch for that! When dating is feeling stagnant or too routine, it can really make a date interactive and fun if you go to a place like a museum or take a cooking class!

What are your favorite types of dates? Feel free to comment or email me and give me suggestions for post ideas. I'm always looking for inspiration for my blog. Thanks so much for reading and I wish you Happy Holidays.


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