Makeup Haul: Yves Saint Laurent & Tarte

Makeup has always been fun to me and a great way to express myself when I have the time to create makeup looks. On a regular day I stay pretty consistent and don't change things up too much except for my lip colors. 

I have a variety of lip colors I like. Lips can change your whole look up without a lot of time and effort. I always keep a selection of lip products in my purse in the chance I need to change my look up a bit during the day when time is not on my side. 

Before my sisters wedding I thought I might add some new colors and makeup to my collection for the 2017 spring and summer season. I've been into YSL makeup and beauty products lately. This time I also got a shadow palette from Tarte. 

From Yves Saint Laurent I got a blush an two lip colors. I got the blush in the shade 6 Passionnee. It is a very natural pink with an orangey-nude color in the center. On the skin I would say the color seems most like a coral pink.

This is a bright pink matte lipstick called Decadent Pink (no. 211). It really goes great with my skin tone and isn't too bright for people who are afraid of color. Also, some bright lipsticks can make your teeth appear yellow but this one doesn't do that which is great! Even though it is a matte lip color it won't dry out your lips, it just gives the lips a different finish. 

This second color is called Rosewood (no.66). This is a Rouge Pur Couture which is more of a satin finish. It looks very purple in the picture but it is really like a dark mauvey nude. The purple is less apparent and it is more of a nude look. The feel of this lip color on my lips is outstanding.

The Man-eater Palette by Tarte caught my eye because of the colors called purr and saucy. The orangey brown nude is appealing to the eye. Overall, I just love the neutral colors in the palette and how no color is wacky. I feel like I can use all of these colors and none of them will go to waste or not be used. Sometimes in eyeshadow palettes certain colors may never be used or go to waste because it really doesn't fit in the palette or it is just too dramatic for daily use. For some reason they don't sell this palette anymore, but this one is similar and also by Tarte.

What are your favorite makeup products right now? Do you have any suggestions? I'd love to hear what you have to say in the comments section below or send me an email!:)


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