Spring Break Swimsuit Picks 2016

Spring break 2016 is here!! I know that looking for the perfect swimsuit for spring break takes some good searching. I thought I'd save you a little (a lot) of time and do some of that searching for you. :)
If anything, I hope this at least brings you some inspiration when looking for a swimsuit.

(1) Floral Girls

I stumbled on this bikini on instagram. I saw a girl wearing it and instantly fell in love. If flowers are your thing then this is for you! And the ruched bottoms will accentuate your assets. I'll probably end up buying the bottoms and wear a plain white top with it. The ruffles are a lot going on for me because I'm a 32-34DD but for a smaller bust the ruffles on the top would be great!

(2) Sporty- chic

You don't necessarily have to call this sporty, it's just what I thought when I found these suits. They are in the 2016 Vitamin A Catamaran Stripe pattern. I am a person who loves stripes so this was appealing to my eyes. Vitamin A can tend to be a little expensive sometimes but if you shop from the link I gave below, they normally have some sort of discount. I have last season's stripe and I love it, it looks fantastic on me so I'm sure this one looks great on as well! The crop rash guard is amazing, I have it in last season's stripe and I do not regret it at all. I wasn't sure how I would like it but it really does come in handy. I went to a resort in Mexico last year and it is a pain carrying around extra clothing articles when you want to go from the beach to lunch so I kind of wore it as a shirt/swim top and could easily go from place to place around the resort. I wore an actual swim top under it as well. It is also nice because if your shoulders are getting a little too much sun, it is instant sun protection!

(3) The Minimalist

If you're looking for something that lets your fantastic beach bod do the talking, SLATE SWIM is for you! The idea is fabulous and I am a fan. I'm not normally into one pieces but this swim company made me a believer, so go to their site to check out the awesome one pieces! This specific suit shown below comes in 4 different colors: black, nude, white, and rust. Click the link below to see the other options. They recently just came out with another line as well. I'm not sure when it's available for sale on their site but it would be something worth looking into!

If you have any questions leave them down below, I'd be happy to answer any that you have! Do you have suggestions for other posts? I'm always looking for new ideas. 


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