Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

My last significant other told me that Valentine's celebrations didn't exist. While I understand that it is a Hallmark holiday, Valentine's gives me another excuse to dress up. I like to dress up, look cute and do something fun. No, you don't have to take me to an expensive dinner. I'd be happy going on a coffee date or a picnic for all I care. Anyway, this V-day I get to do what I want and not feel bad about it. For all the single ladies out there like me, you might be going to brunch with the girls, which in my opinion is the best idea ever! I love brunch as well as hanging out with my girlfriends.
Here are a few outfit ideas for different kinds of Valentine's outings or activities. All are clickable. Just click on the outfit idea board and it will take you to Polyvore where it shows you links to places where you can buy all of the pieces.
(1) Brunch With The Girls

Cute and casual, doesn't look like you put too much thought into it [ even though you might have(; ] I love pinks and soft nudes so sorry in advance for those if you who aren't into those colors. I personally think they are lovely and make you look classy and put together.

Girls Brunch

(2) Coffee Date
This is simple, cute, and casual as well. I love booties, as you can tell. The sweater dress is comfy and cozy but looks put together with the booties and bracelets. If an outfit isn't feeling right, just accessorize! Instantly it'll start to feel more put together and more like a complete outfit. If you don't want to wear lipstick on a coffee date then I completely understand, I might not want to either. Another good choice is a tinted lip balm which gives you some color. 

Coffee Date

(3) Dinner Date

I couldn't choose just one outfit for this one. I know I have readers out there who like to dress up and get all fancy. But, there are those that like to dress more casual. I also put two shoe options for each of the outfits, I was having a hard time just showing you one option so I just did both. I love wearing skirts but personally if it were just a regular place I were going to on a dinner date or if it is particularly cold I would wear the black skinny jean option with the red heels. I think you would be on fire if you did the black skinny jean, black motorcycle jacket the cream sweater and red heels. IF you wanted to go a more innocent and less sexed up I'd choose the patent pink heel. Honestly, now that I am writing this I can't make a decision. I love everything. 

Date Night Out

(4) Stay at Home Date
If you're going to stay at home with lovey, wearing some skinny jeans so he can see your curves and a cozy knit sweater is a great outfit choice. You'll be comfortable and cute! I love how there are so many colors in the sweater. It's pink, purple, and orangey all at the same time, it's fantastic!

Date Night In

If you have any questions leave them down below, I'd be happy to answer any that you have! Do you have suggestions for other posts? I'm always looking for new ideas!


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