Bridal Shower Dress Ideas for Guests 2015

When I think of bridal showers I think floral dresses, brunch and gossip. I love wedding season and seeing everyone's pictures on Facebook. I am 21 now, I'll be 22 this year and a lot of my friends are getting married now. Every day I think to myself how crazy it is that I'm at this point in my life.

Anyway, back to dress ideas! I really love all things floral as you can see from the dress choices I have here. One of the most important things I would give you advice about is to dress for the weather, and know if you're going to be inside or outside. If you're outside in the grass for example, you probably don't want to wear heels. If you're desperate for some height though then you could pull off some wedges if you really wanted to. I would definitely say dress comfortable though! It tends to be quite warm during wedding season down here in the South so I would take that into account as well. I know I only have dresses pictured here but you do not have to wear a dress if you don't want to! You can wear a skirt, or cute summer shorts, or whatever! Dress for the occasion, be sure to know if it's a casual event or a little bit more dressy and you'll be fine. Have fun with your friends and family!

Bridal Shower Dress Ideas

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