One Year Blog Anniversary!

Ok guys, I know I've almost completely abandoned my blog for the past few months and didn't post at all last month:( but I think I can still say I've blogged for basically an entire year. Posts have gotten sparse but I did it. I made this crazy goal last March (March 2nd was my first blog post to be exact) to blog for at least a year and I've accomplished that goal. It would be great if I could start blogging again about health, beauty and just life stuff but I can't promise anything.

I'm in my second semester as a junior in college so I only have one more year left and things are getting a bit crazy. It's insane how fast time goes by. Never fear, I still have three years of law school after this. hah so I'm basically only half way through my college career. If you didn't know I'm a finance major and will be minoring in philosophy as well. I plan to go into intellectual property in law school but I still have a little time to make that decision.

My last post I told you about a new "lifestyle change" I went on something called the Paleo diet and that last for about a month. You eat only meat, veggies, some fruit and a small amount of nuts. I got really sick and under-carbed. It did make my acne go away but I just felt terrible after a few weeks of it. You can read more about that diet if you'd like but I won't go into a ton of detail. As result of that diet, I'm basically vegan now. I went on a fruit and veggie cleanse after that just to get some of the toxins out of my body and I felt great so I kept eating that way. I'm leaving out most animal products just because of the adverse effects they have on my body. All meat makes me feel like crap (even grass-fed) and dairy makes me have acne. So far, I don't think I have any adverse reactions to eggs but I still don't really have them in my diet just in case.

I don't know if I would even say to people that I'm vegan or anything, I just don't eat anything that makes me feel less than great. My sister does call me a hippie now because I always tell her to fuel her body with life lol. The only thing I have to watch is to make sure I'm getting enough protein and I've found some vegan protein that I really like its the Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Raw Protein. The best thing about eating this way is I don't really have to count calories (I do anyway though). I think it would be cool to take pictures of what I eat throughout a day and show you guys. I would definitely suggest to anyone to take out processed foods and try a cleaner way of eating. Sometimes I'll just cut open one of those personal watermelons and eat the whole thing, yes, I do that.

I know there are lots of words on this post (way more than normal) and I've already lost your attention, so I'll stop here. I hope you lovelies are doing well and I also hope that I can start blogging again soon.

Lots of love, 


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