Happy 2017: Get Organized with a May Designs Planner

You can just call me the crazy planner lady! Since I can remember I have always been a planner and organizer. I can thank my OCD and anxiety habits for that. To keep my stress levels to a minimum I like to look at my week planned out and have it right in front of me, on PAPER! A lot of people are okay with keeping things in an electronic device but there is something about writing down plans and having it right there that satisfies me.

The company that fulfills all of my wants and needs for a planner is May Designs! Many people use the Erin Condren planners which are amazing as well but these fit my lifestyle and I like the fact that they are sewn pages, not rings. Being a lefty is a huge part of the reason I was swayed towards this type of planner. Another reason is because of its compact size. 

Below are the planners I've had for the past 3 years. From left to right they go from oldest to newest. So the blue floral is my current planner. I carry my planner everywhere, it is almost a safety blanket at this point. It feels weird when I forget my planner, just as if you have a piece of jewelry you wear every single day. You'd just feel naked without it.

You can customize the pattern, monogram or no monogram, inside pages and now you have THREE sizes to choose from. For a long time it was just the classic size (all three shown above are classic) but they added a larger and smaller size as well as wall calendars to their collection.

The planner that says Hannah Naomi is mine as well as the mini red plaid that says "TWENTY SEVENTEEN". The other two were gifts to my sisters for Christmas! 

If you feel like you may not know how to customize your planner or need ideas, May Designs has TONS of example books and ideas that will spark your creativity. Even if you think you may not buy anything, visiting the site will make you think differently about paper planners. 

I hope my input on planners and calendars inspired you to get more organized this year. It takes a lot of stress off of you, believe me! What type of planner do you use? Let me know in the comments section below!


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