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Concealers, where do I start? Tips, tricks, rules, colors, brands... etc. It can be challenging to find the right concealer but have faith! Into the Gloss's article on best concealers inspired me to write a post on my favorite concealers. I know my post is shorter than normal but I wanted to share only my most important points and not make it too complicated, I think you'll have a great takeaway. 

 (1) Brands
(a) Chanel- Correcteur Perfection can be used under your eyes and to cover blemishes.

(b) YSL- Touche Eclat is more of a highlighter to highlight areas on your face and brighten your eyes. I wouldn't cover spots with this.

(c) Revlon- photo ready concealer stick

(d) Kevyn Aucoin- Sensual Skin Enhancer comes in a pot. This is the only one I haven't used before but has great reviews and a huge color range for all skin tones! It is water proof and all-in-one, it sounds like a dream!
**(a) bottom right (b) bottom left (c) top right (d) top left**

Touche EclatCorrectur Perfection

(2) Choosing Your Color
For under your eyes-- you want something a little lighter to brighten up your eyes but not too light! Let the person at the counter help you, normally they know what they are talking about. If you are concealing spots on your face, do not go lighter! If there is something that doesn't match exactly, go a little darker, it will camouflage better into your foundation. As for your neck, if you have any spots there just dab a little concealer that is the same color as your under eye concealer. The sun doesn't hit our necks as much as our face so it is naturally a little lighter in complexion. 

(3) Tips & Tricks
There are lots of questions when it comes to applying concealer. Most of the time I use a brush but I have recently changed foundation and concealer (both Chanel) and I have been using my fingers to apply and will finish off with a brush to set everything. I've never been into sponges or things like the BeautyBlender, I don't know why. I just never fell in love with it like a a lot of people did. Another thing I would consider a "trick" is choosing the right color which I spoke about before. It just makes the whole look fall into place when you find the right concealer. There are days when I'll just put a little concealer and translucent powder on and that's it! So having the right concealer is a must have in my book.

If you have any questions leave them down below, I'd be happy to answer any that you have! Do you have suggestions for other posts? I'm always looking for new ideas. 


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