Finding Myself: Life Changes & Growth

I know a lot of people have probably wondered what the face of this blog looked like. I have my social media accounts linked on my site but that doesn't always mean people click on those links. Recently, I have been doing a lot of different things. Some things, I never though I would be doing. 

My full time job is working at the family demolition company my parents own. I have been doing that since I graduated college in 2015. It has been a while since I've been out of college and I feel like I'm beginning to find myself. 

Shouldn't college be for that? Most might say so, but it was completely the opposite for me. I was too focused on getting a good degree and a decent grade. Didn't really matter what I liked, people just pushed for me to get a piece of paper that would make me more money in the long run. So they said.

I have always been active in my life but not always in a healthy way. I was obsessive with working out and severely restricted calories. Long story short, in college I became a healthier person. I found my love for Pilates, a basically pescetarian diet, cooking and fashion! 

I started doing Hot Pilates when I was mid way through college. When I moved back from college a new Pilates studio was opening in my town. By that time I had only been doing Pilates for about a year and a half. Now 4.5 years in, I'll be working on getting my certifications to teach. Since Barre is pretty popular as well and a lot of studio's do both, I will get a Vbarre cert as well. 

Fairly recently, I started an online boutique as well. Most things are pre-order; I have small quantities of stock for now. If you'd like to visit my shop it is called Hannah Hampton Co.

If you have any questions about my brief life update please don't hesitate. Thought I'd share something different with you all that I haven't really shared before. Comment down below or email me!




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