Bath and Body Works Haul

I picked up a few things from Bath and Body Works recently. They have come out with a few new things this spring so I got some of the new scents as well.

First is the Coconut Lime Breeze lotion and shower gel and Aruba Coconut lotion. These aren't new but I use this a lot during the summer months so I picked up some a little early. I like the Coconut Lime Breeze because it has a crispness to it from the citrus. The Aruba Coconut body cream is nice because it is  a really moisturizing formula and it is good for my skin the summer. In the summer it seems like you can't put enough lotion to keep your skin moisturized but this helps! It is so moisturizing and you can smell it all day long. When it gets warmer outside I use scented lotions and body sprays more than my perfumes.

Beautiful Day is a new spring scent, it is pretty floral and sweet. I got the body mist and the swirl gel lotion. This is a new lotion, it has a little shimmer in it but doesn't leave you looking like a disco ball.

Capri citrus scrub and lotion smells amazing and fresh! It is from the Bella Italy collection. They have two other scents but this one was my favorite. It is fresh and clean smelling. The description says, "A sunny seaside escape of fresh citrus, juicy nectarine & orange flower." 

 Last is this Fresh Picked Strawberries body lotion. I was smelling the Fresh Picked scents and I really liked this one. It is sweet smelling but it leaves your skin only lightly scented and dries fast!

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