Half Moon Manicure: Black and Gold

I'm really uncoordinated but I wanted to do a fun manicure post for you! So today I did a half moon manicure. I'm not sure how I managed to get them all done decently, but I did it! I use Penny Talk and Licorice, both by Essie. Penny Talk is actually less gold and more of a coppery color. 

First I used Penny Talk and let that dry for 25-30 minutes. (It is really important that you let your nails dry! You will see why in the next step.)

After I let them dry for 25-30 minutes I cut some tape and used it to make my half moon. To make sure they are the same exact size you could use those reinforcement tabs. It would probably have been much easier and faster to use the tabs but I didn't have any of those around. I then used the black polish on the rest of my nail around the tape. I find that it sort of flakes when I peel the tape off after the polish has dried so I like to peel it off about 20 seconds after I paint it so that there is a smooth line.

The picture below I took outside because the natural light was nice. Of course, after the half moons were completed I applied a clear coat. When everything dried I took a Q-Tip and some nail polish remover and cleaned off any polish that got on my skin around the nail.   

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