Perfect Face Tan

Do you have a problem with your face being lighter than the rest of your body in the summer? I do! For the longest time I found it was just easiest to put makeup on to make my face match my body. I heard the Jergens gradual face tanner was good, so I tried that, but didn't like it. It didn't even tan my face and I didn't like the smell. Somehow, I ran into this Shiseido Men Moisturizing Self-Tanner while I was in TJ Maxx, and I ended up loving it. It is really hydrating and gives me a nice sun-kissed glow. Using it a few times a week keeps my face the same color as my body! It doesn't get splotchy or uneven when you wash your face! It doesn't rub off on clothing or come off when you get wet so you won't have to worry about fake tan rubbing off your face onto something else. Shiseido is a really good brand so I knew I wouldn't have any problems with it. I should warn you, this is made for a man so it does smell like one! I would suggest just using it at night so you can wash it off in the morning and not smell like a guy all day long. I used it all last summer and I still have about half left so it lasts a while even though it is small. It is $31 for 1.8oz on  >>click here to buy it<<<

Hope this helped! 
Do you have a good facial self tanner?
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