Beauty Haul Part 2: Mary Kay

This eyeshadow looks really bright initially but I swatched it and its not too crazy, which is good. It has sort of a sheen to it but not glittery. I haven't used it yet but when I do I'll post pictures! 

Next is a cream eye color. I've been using one called Beach Blonde for a while but I thought I'd get a new one for summer. The Beach Blonde one was shimmery and this one called Pale Blush is matte. I think this is good to wear when you don't want to spend a lot of time on your eye makeup. Just put this on your lid, put on some mascara, and you're good to go! I used this today and I really like it! It really brightens my eyes. I think I'll use it a lot this summer!

Next is this mini compact. This comes unfilled and you put your Mary Kay makeup in it. It is magnetic so the makeup won't fall out or move around.
I put three eyeshadows and a mineral highlighting powder in my compact. I will put this in my handbag so when I go out I'll have everything in my little compact! It's easy to switch things out so if I'm wearing something different one day I'll just change it up a little. For my eyeshadows I have White Lily which is a matte white mineral color. Honey Spice, which is a shimmery nude. Amber blaze is a shimmery copper color. The highlighting powder is called Pink Porcelain. I haven't used it but it looks like a nice one for summer!

Mary Kay partnered with Skindinavia creating this finishing spray. Now I'm not completely sure but I don't think MK has had a finishing spray before, so I was super excited about this. After your makeup you spray this lightly on your face to set your makeup. This makes it look more natural. 

It is about to get really sunny out so I got some sunscreen! It is important to protect your skin!

Last is this energizing lotion for your feet and legs. It sounded like it would be nice and refreshing in the summer heat. 

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