Pastel Hair Trend 2013

Hello lovely readers!:) Today I want to talk about hair, I don't think I've ever done a post about hair before. I think it is probably because on a daily basis I normally don't do much of anything to my hair. I keep heat to a minimum and basically try not to do any more damage to my hair than bleaching already does. I've not done any crazy colors or cuts before because I'm so nervous to do anything out of the ordinary. Recently I found a blogger who has pastel hair and completely fell in love with her pastel hair! I'll put a link to her blog down below, her blog is called In The Frow. I've been talking about doing it for a few months now but I actually made an appointment a few days ago and I will get my pastel hair done in the beginning of July before my vacation! I was thinking I'd make a video of getting my hair done so you can kind of see how I react to getting pink hair. If anyone can do pink hair, it is my hairdresser. She is so amazing and I completely trust her 100% with my hair. She always knows what is best and knows how to keep my hair looking good. She's been doing my hair for so long now, I want to say about 8 years? So anyway, I thought now would be a good time to try something new while it's summer time and I don't have a serious job or anything yet. My first picture is of Victoria, the blogger from In The Frow. The rest are just of some I found while searching for photos to show my hairdresser.

If you have any questions or suggestions please leave them below!
Is anyone else coloring their hair for summer?
Comment below!:)

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