Trend Alert: American Flag Print

Trend Alert: American Flag Print

Trend Alert: American Flag Print by hannahgomez featuring retro shoes

I've seen more American Flag printed clothing and accessories this summer than I have ever seen before! Speaking of, I got two American Flag shirts last week. If you want to see them you can check out my Summer Haul video which is on youtube!:) (click here to see it). Like the video and subscribe to my channel! If you want to join in on the patriotic trend there are a some pieces above that I've recently come across while I've been out shopping for summer essentials. The links for all of these items are at the bottom of the post. I can't wait to rock my American flag shirts on vacation in a few weeks.
I'm planning on doing some vlogs while I'm on vacation. I've not done vlogs before but I really enjoy making videos for you so I know it will be fun! My whole family is going so if they allow, I'll include some of them in my videos.
Do you have any American flag stuff for summer time?
Questions or suggestions leave them below:)

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