2013 Summer Outfit

Summer 2013 Outfits

Summer 2013 Outfits by hannahgomez featuring mossimo cardigan

Hi everyone! So I have an outfit here that I created on polyvore. I actually wore this but currently I don't have a full length mirror or anyone to take my picture for the next 2 weeks so this is why I've resorted to polyvore. 
You probably already know but I LOVE Target! I went there last week to get some summer clothes and I found the shirt and shorts pictured above^^ while I was there. What really made me get this shirt is because it is sooo soft! When I shop for all of my summer clothes I think, "is this going to be good sunburn clothing?" I don't know if anyone else does that but I do...Speaking of, I got my first sunburn of the summer today. The shorts don't look like anything special but in person the color is fantabulous. My Sperrys are at the bottom, left, of the collage. I literally wear them with everything. I suggest that you invest in a pair of Sperry's, this will be my 4th summer wearing these shoes. Below are the links to these pieces. So what do you think? If you have questions or suggestions please leave them in the comments section below!:)

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Mossimo cardigan


Sperry top sider

Gold necklace
$6.95 - quizclothing.co.uk


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