Floral Patterned Fedora

If you didn't already know. I was previously on a month long spending ban which officially ended on October 9th! This was something I decided on my own of course, no one was making me do this. I was only allowed to buy food and other necessities. For example, if I ran out of moisturizer I could then certainly get more. The ban was officially started by Sophie Rose and not long after there was a group of bloggers who wanted to join in so we all made it a group effort and supported each other through twitter!

The first thing I bought after my spending ban was over was this fedora from Target and I am absolutely in love! What really stood out about this fedora is the pattern and material, it just seemed so different than the rest. I've only worn this fedora once but I plan one wearing it more this fall.

Online it is $16.99 but I got it in store on sale for $11.99

Hope you're having an amazing week:)
If you have questions or suggestions you know where to leave them!

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