Bringing Out That Biker Jacket: Fall/Winter OOTD

Biker Jacket Outfit

Biker Jacket Outfit by hannahgomez featuring Fendi

Hello everyone, happy Friday!! I'm so sad that summer is actually over, if you didn't know, it is my absolute favorite time of year. Where I live it is getting very cold now so that means I've had to bring out some winter clothes. The one thing I enjoy about winter though is that I can wear cuter outfits, I think we can all agree with that.

The first jacket I've brought out is my biker jacket! The one pictured above is leather, mine is not! I got mine such a long time ago, probably in middle school so it was impossible to find online exactly like mine. I wasn't even able to find a non-leather one anywhere online. If you find a non-leather one, let me know! I'd really like to know where you've found it!

Then the patterned skinny jeans, they are very similar to mine but not exact. Skinny jeans can get boring so I got this really subtle gray/black patterned pair. So the pattern on my exact jean is a little smaller than on the jeans I have pictured above so far away you can't even tell mine have a pattern on them. What I like about this pattern is that it doesn't jump out at you like some crazily floral patterned jeans we wore in the spring/summer. Yes, they were cute but that time is over, no more pastel flowered jeans, I'm sorry.

Shoes! I just got these leather Steve Madden boots because walking around campus (I'm in college) requires protection for my feet, especially since it tends to rain a lot here. I think I will be wearing these things quite a bit. I'll probably get another pair of boots soon so I don't wear these out so quickly but they are really nice since I walk everywhere on campus. Have you gotten boots this fall?

Winter time equals scarves thats for sure. I love scarves because they definitely help keep heat in my body. I don't know how else I would stay warm during the winter months! It would be safe to say that you can find me wearing a scarf almost every single day. The reason for this is so that I'm not permanently frozen until summer comes back around. Am I the only one who has a slight scarf addiction? No way, I can't be.
There are links below to all of the pieces pictured in the collage so that if you are interested you shouldn't have a problem finding anything:)
Also, if you have any ideas for posts, let me know! I haven't been getting very many comments so start commenting! hah.

I hope you all had an amazing week.
If you have questions or suggestions you know where to leave them!
What will you be wearing this fall/winter?

Lots of love, 


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Steve madden boots
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  1. Love this - this jeans are amazing! Loving patterned jeans at the moment :-) xxx


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