Spending Ban Update #3

Hello lovelies,

This week was my roommates 21st birthday so I bought her a few things! There's no way I could just not get her something. The good thing is, I stayed on task and didn't get anything else I wasn't planning on getting. I knew what I was going to get and I got it! I got her a few things but the only beauty related thing I got her  was an eyeshadow from MAC in the color Mythology. It's a pink eyeshadow with gold shimmer. Here is a photo I found on the Internet. It doesn't really look pink at all in the pan but when you swatch it, it's definitely pink.

I've spoken with the blogger I've been paired with for the swap. Her name is Carly Jade and she is from the UK. She is so sweet and we are both really excited about shopping for each other when the spending ban is over! I am officially finished with my ban next week! I'm so excited to be getting some amazing beauty products from her I would not otherwise be able to get my hands on here in the US. I'll post her link below.

Carly Jade's blog link: http://ceejayell.blogspot.co.uk

If you have questions or suggestions leave them below!

Lots of love, 


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  1. I've been wanting this eyeshadow for a while. Love the color. Btw, i like your blog, would you like to exchange links?

  2. Yeah it's an awesome color.
    Cranberry also by MAC is quite similar and more pink.
    I think I'll get Cranberry when my spending ban is over.

    I'm glad you enjoy my blog!
    Yeah, I followed you on bloglovin:)

    Lots of love,


    1. Thank you, I am now following you also!
      But I was thinking about linking to each other in our blogrolls? :)

    2. Yeah, that would be awesome.
      I'll add you to my blogroll.


    3. Hey Hannah! Thanx a lot! I just added you too :)


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