Lemon Layer Cake with Raspberry Filling (The Super Easy Way)

I know I haven't posted near enough lately but I hope that will change! The reason being, I have started college full time in August and it's getting really tough now. I'm studying all day and night and feeling like there's not enough time in the day to even breathe these past few weeks. It's crazy that it's already October, the semester is already like halfway over. I'm getting some ideas about posts that won't take as much fashion studying so that I can post more. Yes, I do my research for my fashion posts, and it's actually quite time consuming.

So today is my first food post! I don't bake, or cook, or anything like that but my 20th birthday was a few weeks ago and my roommate made me an adorable cake. (the cake she made me is this pink one)

This week was her birthday so the least I could do was make her a cake as well. Since I'm not very experienced at baking I was super nervous but it turned out better than I expected.

I didn't just want to make a plain boxed cake so I was looking on the internet for all sorts of ideas and came up with this lemon cake with raspberry filling. Yes, I ended up using a boxed cake mix but I thought this was an easy way to make a cake mix less boring. I got one box of lemon cake mix and that made two, 9 inch rounds. I didn't do all of the instructions from the box but I bet you can figure that out:)
Once I baked both cakes, I let them cool then cut off the tops so that that they were flat and even for stacking.
Next I got some raspberry preserves and spread that evenly on the top of the first cake. I also got this idea from the internet, someone was using preserves in their recipe so I thought I'd try it.
I then added the second layer.
Lastly, I iced the cake! I used a plain vanilla icing. You really want to make sure your cake is cooled so you don't get those little crumbs spread around while your icing it.
This part took me a while, considering I've not done this before, and I am OCD.
Now it doesn't look too interesting on the outside but on the inside it looks amazing, and tastes good too!:) If you're doing this for a birthday like I am, you can't forget the candles!
I forgot to take a picture after I finally cut it but here is the photo from the site where I got the idea. Yes, hers looks way better than mine did but I tried:) It's the thought that counts right?

Hope you're having an amazing week:)
Lots of love, 


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  1. ah this cake looks so amazing!

    Rose xo


    1. It was!
      love your blog,
      followed you on bloglovin:)


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